AI: The Rapid Growth in Everyday Life

AI is growing at a rate more than ever before. Many people have become aware that artificial intelligence is gradually becoming part of our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if you use Siri on your iPhone or Alexa in your home. You are using AI. What matters is what you do with these tools. The most common thing to do with AI today is to ask for information.


Table of Contents

AI: Time-Saving

Think about how much time is used up every day waiting for something to be done right? With these things we all spend endless hours waiting to send what needs to be sent and when. We are wasting time because robots can take over most of the work that most humans do each day. Robots can also easily get rid of jobs by replacing people with machines. As time goes on people can ask self-driving cars to transport them around town. They will also start to work as they can learn how to read maps and make correct route plans for those places that need to be changed. They will become smarter over time. People, too, can rely on this as well, because we can know where to go and when to go. This is just what we do with Siri or Echo. We get to know exactly what we want to find out with these types of technology. Social networks and other websites can help us figure out who we are and connect the dots that we don’t see yet.

AI: Taking Over Tasks

One day your future family member might come looking for jobs as a robot does now. Even though the job market may not look great now compared to the past, there will always be a way to adjust. Just like you didn’t just lose part of your body when you were born, you know you will one day replace the parts of your brain as well. So, as human beings, we need to keep working on ourselves to stay employed in society and still provide for the rest of us. Imagine what would happen to the economy, transportation, healthcare, and even agriculture if robots can take over everything. If only we could program robots to change things as they did with computers for example, maybe we wouldn’t have such problems as unemployment. Although this may seem crazy, I promise it will not take long for a lot of businesses to adapt and try different strategies to stay afloat. And soon we will eventually run out of jobs and machines don’t want to be replaced. The same thing will happen with education. Kids learning how to speak will be replaced with kids speaking to their smartphones instead.

More Productivity, Less Pollution

These robots will also become valuable to our environment. The environment will become more productive when people make better decisions, not when people are told about certain facts to believe. For example, the fact that trees grow or trees die or anything else can be predicted from the data collected by autonomous robotics. So, we could stop killing plants or animals for making paper or plastic. Or perhaps we will find new ways of making clothes. A lot of people are already realizing that the only way we can survive without going hungry is to make sure we are eating fresh food, maybe by saving food from the grocery store. But, the problem with that was the constant supply of the same food in the store. Maybe it will happen in the future but for now we cannot live without it. Not only will these machines be cheaper to produce than labor but they can also produce less pollution and waste. In fact, a company called Amazon bought greenwashing a company where they sold products for $450. That was just enough to buy another step from the competition and stay in business as well. So, how beneficial is life to humankind.

AI: Beneficial or Not?

Will it be really beneficial in the near future? There are a lot of companies that will definitely invest in improving the way we live. They will improve the way robots do their jobs. They will be able to do other jobs better yet. At some point in the distant future, we will also develop better algorithms that will be used to tell between people in situations like robbery or theft. Also, we will not find any jobs and the companies will no longer exist. Technology itself makes us lazy and unhappy for we cannot control what happens to us. Some of us might say this ‘goodbye to jobs’ and ‘hello to automation’ but it feels amazing having someone to rely on. Life is amazing with its simplicity. Every person should work hard towards creating more opportunities for others. No one should have to suffer as the job industry will no longer exist. We should have faith in what is coming next and hope for the best things in the future. It will be wonderful how far things can go with the power of AI.